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  • Urban Lumber in Brooklyn

    It was circa 1870 when a European elm tree was intentionally planted in a quiet southwestern corner of Prospect Park in Brooklyn. It was late 2015 when the tree was declared dead and cut down. This tree is one of the few things in NYC that had remained unchanged for that century and a half. […]

  • Mortise & Tenon Magazine

    What a gorgeous piece of work. Congrats to Joshua Klein on putting this together! I cannot wait to dig into this beast.

  • Showing off

    The vast majority of the bandsawn boxes that I’ve seen are ugly. Very ugly. The reason why they are ugly is simple. The folks who make them focus on the fact that they’re making a box with a bandsaw, so they throw in all kinds of wacky curves, goofy shapes, and drawers within drawers. The […]

  • Give It a Rest

    All this typing practice quickly taught me one thing: I needed a wrist rest. Being a woodworker with some scrap maple handy, I made a couple. Shiny.

  • New Bench Hook

    New Bench Hook

     The old one was getting pretty ratty. This is some leftover mahagony I had from a side table build. It has a nasty twist in it, which made it unsuitable for anything long term. I’m curious to see how flat it stays like this. 

  • Top Finished

  • More Finishing

    Seven coats of shellac on the top of the top. After that cures, creepy janitor wax.

  • Finishing the Top

    The bottom of the top, one coat of garnet shellac.

  • First hand carved spoon. Damn ugly, but it works. From a crooked piece of cherry firewood.

  • Oh frabulous joy. What a saw.