Tag: roubo

  • On your feet

    Nearing completion on the Roubo-style bench. Legs in, vise mounted and tuned. Now to flatten the top and install the shelf. Then back to real projects.

  • Legs

    Have some crazy gaps at the shoulders, but … Together.

  • Boring

    Bored out most of the waste in the chop mortise. Horray for drill presses.

  • Vise leg complete

    That crisscross mortise is a beast. My drill press and my router plane are my two new best friends.

  • Bench top glued, bottom flat

    Got the top joined — it’s two 12×6  beams, came in at 22″ wide and just shy of 8′ long. Doing an edge joint that long across 5″ is … fun. Lots of flipping the top up with the help of my lovely wife, checking the fit, flipping it back down, planing out some spots, […]

  • Bench #2

    In progress. This one will be a Roubo-style bench with a 5½” thick top.