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  • Colemak: 25 days in

    I’m back to a place where I feel like I can type again, fairly comfortably. I still feel slow, but my speed is picking up day over day, and I’m not fighting myself as much as I was last week.

  • Switching to Colemak, 10 days in

    Ten days ago, I decided to try and switch to the Colemak keyboard layout. At first, it was about as painful as you might imagine. I went from somewhere around 90wpm down to basically hunt and peck. Five days in, I was at around 15 wpm. Now at ten days, I’m at about 30 with […]

  • Rwugchukd gy Cyifmae (Switching to Colemak)

    After listening to Matt’s interview with Tim Ferris, I decided to give an alternate keyboard layout a shot. I’ve always been skeptical of the alternate layouts, especially after doing some┬áresearch into it as part of my undergrad degree. Though I’m skeptical, I’m also starting to get some minor hand pain, especially in my right (mousing) […]