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  • What sharp sounds like

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  • The Democratic Chair

    Curtis Buchanan put up a wonderful video series on how to make his “Democratic chair” with only ten tools. As Curtis puts it: Giving people an equal opportunity regardless of economic status is kind of the definition of “democratic.” Definitely worth a look if you have any interest in chair making. Kudos to Curtis for […]

  • It’s log!

    It’s not uncommon for cartoon characters to find themselves unwittingly dragged through all the chaos of a saw mill. From the audience’s perspective, it’s usually hilarious. But when you send a small camera on a log through a saw mill, scary doesn’t even begin to describe the experience of being pulled through all… from Riding Along […]

  • Bookcase loaded up

    The new bookcase all loaded up. 

  • Bookcase

    And in the white (pre-finish) Design comes from The Anarchist’s Design Book at Lost Art Press. It’s a dirt simple build, just dados and nails and glue. and you can expand it to be whatever size you need. The total cost of materials is about 17bdft of primary wood and 6 bdft of back. That worked out to […]

  • Planing in slo-mo Thanks to Lincoln for the fancy camera work!

  • Urban Lumber in Brooklyn

    It was circa 1870 when a European elm tree was intentionally planted in a quiet southwestern corner of Prospect Park in Brooklyn. It was late 2015 when the tree was declared dead and cut down. This tree is one of the few things in NYC that had remained unchanged for that century and a half. […]

  • Mortise & Tenon Magazine

    What a gorgeous piece of work. Congrats to Joshua Klein on putting this together! I cannot wait to dig into this beast.

  • On your feet

    Nearing completion on the Roubo-style bench. Legs in, vise mounted and tuned. Now to flatten the top and install the shelf. Then back to real projects.

  • Legs

    Have some crazy gaps at the shoulders, but … Together.

  • Boring

    Bored out most of the waste in the chop mortise. Horray for drill presses.

  • Vise leg complete

    That crisscross mortise is a beast. My drill press and my router plane are my two new best friends.

  • 91 years in five inches

    Just under actually, 4 ⅞”. This was some seriously slow growing Douglas fir.

  • Bench top glued, bottom flat

    Got the top joined — it’s two 12×6  beams, came in at 22″ wide and just shy of 8′ long. Doing an edge joint that long across 5″ is … fun. Lots of flipping the top up with the help of my lovely wife, checking the fit, flipping it back down, planing out some spots, […]

  • Bench #2

    In progress. This one will be a Roubo-style bench with a 5½” thick top.

  • Nailed It

    Nice, Chris just released a rough draft of the chapter on nails in his next book: Lately I’ve been pouring all of my creative energy into writing my next book (and editing the books of others). And with Jeff Burks on vacation, the content has been a little light here. So here is the draft […]

  • Woodworking Problems

    It seems that it is difficult to acquire a good adze these days.  I’m not looking, but I have been getting emails seeking advice on what to do about it.  These folks wish to carve bowls, and are willing to pay for a good adze, but they simply aren’t available.  It seems that the demand […]

  • Give It a Rest

    All this typing practice quickly taught me one thing: I needed a wrist rest. Being a woodworker with some scrap maple handy, I made a couple. Shiny.

  • Three Legged Stool

    Judging from the number of extant three-legged backstools, that statement seemed like it was written with the eyes, not the buttocks. But the only way to test the statement was to build a three-legged critter and sit in it after a few beers. So I did. Lost Art Press – The Unpredictable Backstool

  • On Methods of Work

    I’ll gladly tell you how I do something. Just please don’t confuse that with the right way to do it, and almost certainly not the only way. as seen in the comments of First, Add No BS. Likely attributed to Roy Underhill.

  • New Bench Hook

    New Bench Hook

     The old one was getting pretty ratty. This is some leftover mahagony I had from a side table build. It has a nasty twist in it, which made it unsuitable for anything long term. I’m curious to see how flat it stays like this. 

  • Walnut Candle Holder

    Walnut Candle Holder

    Jack and I knocked this together from a piece of scrap walnut I had laying around. 

  • Crook

  • Spooning

  • Sewing Table Top in Glue

    Sewing Table Top in Glue
  • Legs


    Breaking down 6×6 Doug Fir for bench legs. Little Roubo makes a little progress.

  • A Deskomattic

    All done! The lift is sweet.

  • Top Finished

  • More Finishing

    Seven coats of shellac on the top of the top. After that cures, creepy janitor wax.

  • Finishing the Top

    The bottom of the top, one coat of garnet shellac.