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  • What sharp sounds like

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  • The Democratic Chair

    Curtis Buchanan put up a wonderful video series on how to make his “Democratic chair” with only ten tools. As Curtis puts it: Giving people an equal opportunity regardless of economic status is kind of the definition of “democratic.” Definitely worth a look if you have any interest in chair making. Kudos to Curtis for […]

  • It’s log!

    It’s not uncommon for cartoon characters to find themselves unwittingly dragged through all the chaos of a saw mill. From the audience’s perspective, it’s usually hilarious. But when you send a small camera on a log through a saw mill, scary doesn’t even begin to describe the experience of being pulled through all… from Riding Along […]

  • Riding Light

    Wonderful visualization of just long it takes light to cross our solar system. It feels so slow.

  • Summertime

    Doubly true now that we have functional AC again.

  • Flame-licker engines

    Neat video showing a flame-licker and an explanation of how these work. Atmospheric engines are cool.

  • Luke is in the desert and whining

    This is incredible.