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  • Roy Underhill at Handworks 2017

    Here’s Roy’s presentation from Handworks 2017. via Roy Underhill at Handworks 2017–The Video — Benchcrafted

  • In Boston this weekend?

    Originally posted on PETER FOLLANSBEE: JOINER’S NOTES:
    I am working on another desk box; an oak box with a slanted lid. Mainly I need this for the photos, for an article in the works. The annoying part is that the photos I needed to shoot were the slots/dadoes/what-have-yous on the inside faces of the…

  • Welcome!

  • bleu

  • Peonies 2017

  • Summer is coming

    A close cut for the pooch

  • ☀️➡️🌖

    *May 24, 2017: Correction, this post has been updated to reflect the fact that GOOP claims the energy of jade eggs is recharged by the moon and not the sun. From

  • Pro Putting

    I remember watching these on TV. Notice most of them are putting cross-handed, something that was just starting to show up on the PGA tour. hattip laughing squid

  • Computers must think we’re crazy

    Watch this and turn on the automatic captions.

  • NYTimes: Ladybugs Pack Wings and Engineering Secrets in Tidy Origami Packages

    Ladybugs Pack Wings and Engineering Secrets in Tidy Origami Packages

  • in the 313

    It’s really cool to see our first set of ad spots set in Detroit, with Detroit businesses.    

  • MP3 is free, not dead

    As lucidly put by Marco: If you read the news, you may think the MP3 file format was recently officially “killed” somehow, and any remaining MP3 holdouts should all move to AAC now. These are all simple rewrites of Fraunhofer IIS’ announcement that they’re terminating the MP3 patent-licensing program.Very few people got it right. Every […]

  • That 80’s HBO Intro

    from When TV Logos Were Physical Objects — Colossal

  • NYC

    via A Dizzying Timelapse That Captures the Bustling Beauty of New York City — Laughing Squid

  • Dune memes — Dank Dune Memes (@DankDuneMemes) May 11, 2017 dress for the job you want — Dank Dune Memes (@DankDuneMemes) May 11, 2017

  • The Second Blackest Paint

    A recent thread on the Book-Arts Listserv introduced me to Vantablack  the blackest paint ever made, absorbing 99.96% of light. Unfortunately, the artist Anish Kapoor has licenced exclusive rights to use it for artwork. Fortunately, Stuart Semple at Culture Hustle is making a similar product, though it is not quite as black. So everyone else in the […]

  • Spongey

    A recent study found that 4-year-olds who watched nine minutes of SpongeBob Squarepants cartoons showed less self control, a reduced ability to delay gratification, and poorer working memory skills than their peers who had engaged in “calmer” activities. Needless to say, the findings caused quite a stir. from The Atlantic

  • Hammering the Trend @ Open Mind

    Interesting analysis of linear regressions used to advance different agendas in climate science at Open Mind. Recent research from Oliva et al. is all about trend change in temperature on the Antarctic Peninsula (AP). It follows in the footsteps of Turner et al., and their common conclusion is that since about 1998, the Antarctic peninsula […]

  • The Nineteen and the Ninety Nine

    I mostly loved the books. I’m really curious to see how they adapt it for the big screen. I have high hopes.

  • Azaleas 2017

  • 19 years a Penguin

    Pokey is weird, but Pokey is wonderful. Congrats on making it 19 years! If you find the weird as wonderful as I do, consider supporting the author on Patreon.

  • We’ll Miss You Red

    At Yost, amongst six thousand people, in row ten, with the ears just the other side of some plexiglass, you know damn well that everyone can hear your every word. With a megaphone or without. By the time I had arrived there was a culture that understood and sought to exploit this, and it worked. […]

  • Yet another reason to visit Minneapolis

    Last month my long time acquaintance RichardB organized another field trip to JerryR’s shop and examine again the ripple molding cutter his dad Irv made a jillion years ago. Both Irv and Jerry made/make exquisite clocks and incorporate(d) the moldings into their designs. via A Ripple-y Day — The Barn on White Run

  • Dis Generation

    My favorite track of the new Tribe album. from A Tribe Called Quest, Dis Generation on Vimeo Staff Picks

  • via Weezer's cover of "Paranoid Android" is everything @danbenjamin promised. ( — J A S O N (@jasonrbarry) April 6, 2017

  • A long steady diet of terrible news

    …his thinking more rigid, his favored media outlets less trustworthy and more likely to reinforce reactionary tendencies. Cable news has largely replaced newspapers as his primary source of information about the world. He has also taken to reading conspiratorial websites run by kooks and con artists. Perhaps, if you have a white parent or grandparent […]

  • Pacing

      But the mind, being so much quicker than the hand, can easily betray us, so that a great part of the patience of true craftsmanship comes from keeping the mind reined in, never to be tempted to dream about the following job while we are doing this one, so risking making this one look […]

  • Sean Spicer, Kindergarten Teacher

    It’s almost as if, Noah adds, “He looks less like a press secretary and more like an overworked kindergarten teacher.” To that point, the editing geniuses at The Daily Show put together this clip mashing up Spicer yelling at the media with a group of actual kindergarten students yelling questions and talking back to him, […]

  • Why are bikes stable?

    How to learn physics & why bikes are passively stable (with some risks) #SaturdayScience — Massimo (@Rainmaker1973) April 1, 2017

  • Snapchat in the ’90s


  • Free Monads Are Simple @ Underscore

    Remember I said the free monad brings together monads and interpreters. Let’s start with the monad part. I’m going to assume you understand monads already. If not, don’t worry. They’re just like cats or burritos or something. From Free Monads Are Simple by Noel Welsh

  • Have Dirt, Will Travel

    These are amazing! As part of her ongoing series titled Traveling Landscapes, New York-based artist Kathleen Vance constructs entire landscapes inside of old steamer trunks and repurposed luggage. Many of the pieces incorporate real running water, soil, and living plant life to form encapsulated environments, though others are constructed from common model making materials and […]

  • NYTimes: Remembering a City Where the Smog Could Kill

    “On the autopsy table it’s unmistakable,” a city medical examiner told The New York Times in 1970. “The person who spent his life in the Adirondacks has nice pink lungs. The city dweller’s are black as coal.” Remembering a City Where the Smog Could Kill

  • Potters gonna throw

    All those years ago, as potters continued to throw clay, the molten iron that was rotating deep below them tugged at tiny bits of magnetic minerals embedded in the potters’ clay. As the jars were heated in the kiln and then subsequently cooled, those minerals swiveled and froze into place like tiny compasses, responding to […]

  • Vex

  • Hopslam NY

    Surprised to see it, but happy. 

  • How to Read Polling Data

    Whenever you see an article that cites polling data, you should add or subtract the true margin of error and consider how the story would change. For instance, the polling average we calculated above had Trump’s approval rating at 41 percent. The true margin of error on this number, based on the rules-of-thumb above, is […]

  • Good Mail Day

    Today was a good day. 

  • The Promised Land

    My five year old is learning to sound out words.  Ta Ta oh Ta oh oh ta T oh? T Ooh! TOOT! DAD THIS SAYS TOOT! Hysterical laughter followed. 

  • Stay for the end.

    Poor polar bear.

  • Pom + Cane = Grenadine

    Spent an hour today making grenadine. It’s pomegranate season, so how’s the time. Add a few shots of vodka and itll keep in the freezer for a while.  If you’re inclined, it’s really easy. Seed five pomegranates, juice the seeds, sieve. You should have around two cups of juice. Then put in a little pot […]

  • Up a Creek

  • To 2017

    Cheers!  A scofflaw. Fitting I think, given what’s coming. 

  • “🌟 When everything’s important, nothing is! 🌟”

    A really interesting post on booting CSR apps by Paul Lewis. It’s something we’ve been thinking about with Calypso, but have not made much headway with. 2017!



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  • Lights, 2016

  • Empathy

    The answer to, "What idiot did this!?" is almost always, "A smart, well-intentioned person making tradeoffs you hadn't even considered." — Jason Specland (@jayspectech) December 14, 2016 A related process I’ve been through fairly often: Why in the world did someone write this crazy code? git blame the-crazy-code.c blowery 01234bc function hereBeDragons() { Sigh. Remember, […]

  • Leaf

    Ash? Maybe Aspen. 

  • Link: Screen Resolution ≠ Browser Window

    Back in 2011, to gather that original data, I wrote some JavaScript to measure both the screen size and the browser window size and save them both to a database as one record. We found that less than 1% of people had a browser window that was exactly as big as their monitor. But that’s […]