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  • The Beaten Path

    I remember when I first started Ruby; we were using JRuby in the early days of CircleCI, and also Mongo. Both of those were well supported, with many people using them. However, we seemed to be the first to ever use them together and I quickly put together this rule of thumb: You can go off […]

  • Broken Promises

    Let’s start here: Promise.resolve( ‘hi’ ).then( showHappy ).catch( showError ) This is a super common form you see with Promises, but is has a subtle problem. What happens if your then callback throws? Arg! My catch caught the error! Because of how promises chain, this is expected, but often surprising. If your catch is written […]

  • async / await

    What do think this JS code prints? How about this?

  • James Mickens on Browsers

    In summary, Web browsers are like quantum physics: they offer probabilistic guarantees at best, and anyone who claims to fully understand them is a liar. This essay is from 2014, but it’s still just as correct.