Setting Expectations


To be honest, I actually prefer some of the black and white versions of the images to their color counterparts – something that rarely happens with my travel or landscape imagery. I realized that this slight change of preference on my part might have had something to do with the fact that these black and white photos are simply different than the ones I’ve grown accustomed to seeing as I scroll through blogs or Instagram images of the same area.

The feeling first hit me as we were looking out over McWay Falls – a view I see on Instagram at least weekly – that what I was experiencing in person (with harsh mid-morning light overhead, mind you) was not nearly as perfect as the image I’d had in mind. It was beautiful, of course, but after years of seeing an impeccably lit McWay Falls on a screen, I almost felt let down. Michael, on the other hand, doesn’t follow as many of the same travel-centric accounts as me, and had an entirely different experience. His was one of awe. Mine was one of oh.

from Big Sur in Black & White @ Map & Menu

Also passing through my stream in the Reader around the same time…



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