Cheers to Calypso


Today we released the code that runs the interface on

Cheers to everyone who worked on it and made it possible to show our work to the world!

2 responses to “Cheers to Calypso”

  1. Amazing work! … congrats! Also, the reader is now so fast 🙂 I haven’t had time to check yet, but is the reader incldued in Calypso? If I run my own Calypso, will it be able to consume feeds on its own or through

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  2. Hey Julien!

    The Reader (the frontend at least) is part of Calypso! You can find it in mostly; it uses a bunch of components that are also used by other parts. I’m sure you’ll be able to track it down.

    If you run a local copy, it’ll consume feeds through, there’s no feed fetching or parsing stuff baked into Calypso itself. I’d love to OSS the feed fetching stuff, honestly, because it needs some love.

    We still don’t support PubSubHubbub, but it’s on the list of things. We may get support for faster external updates via the ping service we run, since with things like AMP on the horizon and all the meta that folks include for twitter and facebook now… We’ll probably have to start scraping things sooner rather than later.

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