Google Play vs. Rdio vs. Pandora

I just signed up for Google Play music, after being a long-time Rdio and Pandora subscriber. Just some quick thoughts…

  • The auto-generated playlists pretty good, but nothing near as good as Pandora’s.
  • Being able to sync both their catalog and my stuff into one library is great
  • Being able to push music to my watch is interesting, but so far not that useful. It works better with the car’s bluetooth than my phone, but there’s just not that much space. Also, there’s no way to select what goes on the watch vs. the phone.
  • Casting to a Chromecast works better than Rdio or Pandora
  • The catalog has everything I’ve tried to find so far
  • The desktop client is a chrome app and eats battery like mad because Chrome eats battery like mad. Both Rdio and Pandora are world’s better here.
  • All my friends are on Rdio, so I’m missing out on their playlists.

So far, nice for the Android integration, meh oh sharing stuff with friends.

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