Moving to Paradise

The remaining thirteen miles from Raquette Lake would be unbearable: narrow twists and turns through unbroken woods, two fleeting views of the shining surface of Utowana Lake, a glimpse of the northwestern ridges rising above West Bay, the first full-on view of Blue Mountain from the top of a short climb in the road – a view that never failed to elicit whoops – and then the graceful downward turn into the hamlet of Blue Mountain Lake, revealing the full expanse of the most beautiful body of water in the Adirondacks. This reveal would bring laughter or tears, or both, so great were our emotions. From Route 28 we would turn onto Maple Lodge Road, relishing the critical last step in the transition – when the road turned to dirt – and then we would be home, immersed, ready, an unending wilderness at our camp door.

From Moving to Paradise

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