What do You See?

Old school modular furniture. Three legs for stability on uneven surfaces.

Lost Art Press

Feast of Job, Bible historiale (BNF Fr. 164), fourth quarter of the 14th century

Quick quiz. There are no right answers. What do you see?

The bread oven - Tacuinum Sanitatis- fifteenth century, Paris, BnF, Manuscripts Department, Latin 9333, fol.61v Detail

Women baking bread?

Castration of the Hebrews, Bible historiale (BNF Fr. 159, fol. 232v), 14th-15th century

A castration?

Feast of Esther, Fleur des histoires (BNF Fr. 55, fol. 129v), second half of the 15th century

A feast?

Martyrdom of St. Bartholomew, Fleur des histoires (BNF Fr. 57, fol. 39), second half of the 15th century

A martyrdom?




A drinking party?


Doctors consulting with one another?

Or do you see a forgotten way of making furniture?

— Christopher Schwarz

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