Popular Woodworking chipbreaker article Q&A

Ben: That 45° angle in the little by little picture on page 34 of PW sure looks more like 80°. Pic wrong or caption?

Wilbur: Could have picked a better angle for the picture. We do say that the angle isn’t critical in the text.

Ben: i am setting my honing guide to 62.33°

Wilbur: We had a 14 page chart w/optimal settings, but space considerations prevented us from including it in the article.

Ben: what grit should I use to finish the breaker? I usually go up to 60k and then finish by playing soft jazz

Wilbur: You can get away with a 25k waterstone, but only if you soak it in unicorn tears.

Ben: happy tears or sad tears?

Wilbur: Only use unicorn tears elicited by listening to Bon Iver. Preferably pre-2008 Bon Iver.

Megan: Wilbur, I’ll run your 14-page chart on the blog, with a Bon Iver soundtrack. The unicorn tears are on you, though.

Ben: I think Lee Valley has them available, but only in Canada #runfortheborder

Megan: Huh. I’d have guessed Bridge City Tools. Unicorn tears = Portland.

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